Welcome to the Assessment Review Board
Assessment Complaint Website

This website can be used to file a property assessment complaint, submit supporting documents, and to view a previously submitted complaint.
Please read the following carefully and choose the right option.

Do you wish to submit a new complaint?

You must fully complete the online submission and pay the required fee or your complaint will not be processed and no record of your complaint will exist.
You will need the following in order to file a complaint online:
  1. Your account number and password, as shown on your assessment notice. If you do not have the password, you may be asked for additional information.
  2. A valid credit card to pay the complaint fee.
  3. If you do not have the password and are submitting this complaint on behalf of someone else for a fee or a potential fee, a completed Agent Authorization Form,

Do you wish to view a complaint that you have previously submitted?

On this website, you may:
  1. view the status of your complaint, including information about any scheduled hearings
  2. withdraw your complaint
  3. submit and view disclosure documents

You will need the complaint and confirmation numbers that were sent to you by email when you submitted your complaint.

If you have misplaced that information, please contact the ARB at 780-496-5026 or at [email protected].

Do you wish to search for ARB decisions?

This page allows users to search for decisions of the Edmonton Local and Composite Assessment Review Boards for 2013 and on.

Search criteria includes but is not limited to:


  • Tax Roll Number, Order Number, Property Address, Neighbourhood, Land Use Code, Hearing Type, Complaint Type and Valuation Groups

  • Users should be aware that while the ARB is in the process of updating its decision data, executing the refined search criteria may return limited or no results.

    You may also search decisions by "Appeal Year" or by "Decision Date" - please be aware that this will return all decisions within that date span.

    If you experience difficulties locating Board Decisions, please contact the ARB at 780-496-5026 and we will be happy to provide the information required.